Coordinating multi-stakeholders efforts to bring greater levels of online safety

The European Network Addressing Cyberviolence (ENAC) is a project under construction aiming at becoming the umbrella organisation representing all involved stakeholders gathered to tackle cyberviolence in Europe.  More about us


Bullying and violence have always existed in one form or another, but online violence is becoming increasingly common.  With the rise in the use of mobile technologies and permanent access to the internet, coupled with a sense of anonymity and lack of accountability, cyberviolence has been affecting a growing number of people. More than 1 in 10 11-16 year-olds in the EU say they have been bullied online. Another survey shows that over the past few years, the percentage of children who encountered risk online increased from 48% to 52%. This increase occurs mainly among girls, children and teenagers.

For more information, please see the definition of cyberviolence as well as the current legislation.


Volunteer !

We are looking for motivated volunteers who can help us building the European Network Addressing Cyberviolence. Tasks will include research and analysis, contacting potential partners and members, work on communications (strategy, branding, social media, website). We look forward to hearing from you ! Applications and more information here.